Snapshot Green Screen Flipbooks

by Daniel Frankel

Our Snapshot Pittsburgh Photo booths are ahead of the game with their technology. This weekend we created Flip books along side 4x6 prints from just one snap of our booth. We used a animated background to make it look like the guest were on the red carpet with camera flashes behind them as well as our Snapshot logo bouncing on the side! We also have the option for flip books can capture the motion of your guest. The highlight of using one image and animated background is that it helps to create a faster experience for high volume of attendees.
We also had our sharing and reprinting station set up including digital props! After the photo is taken the guest can email, facebook, tweet, instagram as well as reprint. With digital props guest can add more fun to their picture, custom text and logos can be added in addition to the funny hats, glasses, and faces!

Visit us at for more details on what our Snapshot Photo booth's can do and give us a call at 724-449-9200 with any questions and to book us for your event!

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