FunBurgh: Breakfast with the Ice Princesses

by Daniel Frankel

Breakfast with Ice Princesses at The Hard Rock Cafe
Yesterday was extra chilly and quite possibly casued by the Ice Princesses being in the city for breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh. Breakfast with the Ice Princesses was filled with royalty, great food, photo fun, and scientific experiments! All the little princesses and princes got to step into the world of Arendelle with Moxie Photo Booth's green screen scene for photos with the royal guest. Cary from The Carnegie Science Center was there to provide frozen experiments with liquid nitrogen; showing how extreme low temperatures can cause matter to change as well as making ice cream!

This was the first Character Breakfast outside of Breakfast with Santa for The Hard Rock with a few more headed your way! Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, Super Hero Breakfast, Villain Breakfast, and potentially a Star Wars Breakfast. Be sure to follow The Hard Rock to see all their upcoming events for both children and adults!
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