Get The Most Out Of A Photo Booth

by Erin Frankel

Booked a photo booth? Great! Now what?

Having a photo booth at your next entertainment event will add a fun element to making memories. Whether a formal or casual event, photo booths create amusement and joy for guests of all ages. But how can you get the most fun and the best memorabilia out of your photo booth rental from E.L.F. Entertainment?

Plan & Manage Photo Booth Expectation 

As fun as photo booths can be not everyone is a full-scaled extrovert. Guests need time to get themselves into party mode—plan for this. Do not worry if it takes a moment before pictures start snapping. And once they do, be sure that you have planned accordingly for issues. If you are having a grand get-together with a hefty number of invites, for instance, you may want to consider renting more than one booth to prevent things like long-line frustrations. Be sure to emphasize the opportunities a photo booth offers and do not fret if it takes guests a while to catch on. The E.L.F. Event Managers will be sure to engage your guests with fun props and amazing photo booth technology!

Know Where and Where Not to Place You Rental

Placement of your photo booth rental is vital to getting the most out it. Avoid setting up photo booths near entrances and exits. Placing a photo booth at the entrance, before experiencing the event, is too soon. Yet placing a booth near an exit is just as unsuccessful, since guests are usually done partying when on their way out. Having a photo booth near food and drinks is the best. This is the most beneficial location for photo booths to be for optimal use. The more photos, the better!

Emphasize the Free Part of Capturing the Moment 

This is simple: make guests aware of the zero costs involved. Often guests will anticipate a charge for entertainment extras, even though you have already covered the costs by renting it. This can cause guests to ignore photo booth fun altogether. Post signs and spread the word that capturing the moment is free.


E.L.F. Entertainment is the best source for photo booth rentals. Make sure you and your guests take full advantage of the entertainment benefits. Don’t only make your next entertainment event full of fun, make sure you remember the good times made with a photo booth that captures something you can cherish long-after. Call now for more information on renting a photo booth for your next occasion!

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