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Celebrating 20 Years in Business

E.L.F Entertainment, Inc. is a local western Pennsylvania family business founded June of 1999.

E.L.F was founded with the need to provide safe and active fun to elementary and middle schools in the tri-state area.  The first purchase of equipment was a moon bounce, obstacle course, and bungee run. With little advertising and the referral of customers who were pleased with our services, we have grown to be the region’s event entertainment leader.

Erin - Erin M. Frankel was hired at E.L.F in 2007 as a part-time employee. Erin was promoted to event manager in 2008. She managed our most important contracts and clients. After graduating college she worked various positons outside the company. Erin returned to E.L.F. to fill the role of Office Manager in 2014. Erin developed a new accounting system and revolutionized the sales process. She helped to recruit employess and to create documentaiton of operating procedures. Erin was promoted to Vice President of E.L.F. Entertainment, Inc. in 2016. In addition to managing all sales for the company, Erin handles marketing and networking efforts. Erin is a licensed PA amusement safety inspector and an expert on what makes an event safe for all guests.

Beth - Elizabeth L. Frankel is the president and the namesake of E.L.F. Entertainment, Inc.  Beth founded the business with her late husband, Maury Frankel, in their own home and garage. They developed the business and eventually built a 14,000 square foot location in Gibsonia. By working events and developing the business' structure, she laid the ground work for where the company is headed today. Beth oversees day-to-day operation of the business. She inspects our events as a licensesd PA amusement safety inspector. You will see her at many of our Pittsburgh-area events. 

Daniel - Daniel L. Frankel served as one of the company's first employess with his brother, Louis. He helped the company develop a standard of operation that contributed to the company's success. With the mentoring of his father, Maury, he was able to establish his place as an event manager. Daniel was first certified as a licensed PA amusement safety inspector in 2003. In high school and college, he helped manage the contracts of some of the region's largest brands as well as dozens of communites and schools. Daniel spent some time away from the company pursuing other oppurtunites between 2011 and 2014. When he returned as general manager, Daniel helped to restructure the business model under which E.L.F. operated. Daniel continues to serve as general manager and oversees the operations of E.L.F. vendors.

When considering an event planner, consider the safety of your guests first. 

Trust an event planner that has more than 50 years of combined expereince in event set-up, operation, and tear-down procedure.

Trust an event planner that comes to your events. Our vendors are inspected regularly on-site by our staff that know what it takes to make an event safe. 

Trust E.L.F.


Our attraction offerings are now one of the largest and diverse in the region. The fun ranges from items such as an inflatable climbing mountain, mini golf holes, to photobooths, Steelers High Strykers, money machines, and trackless train.

Check out our full inventory by clicking HERE!

The photo keepsake program, Snapshot, has become a popular addition at regional events and corporate meetings. We serve many clients planning Mitzvah events and weddings. Our photographers capture the moment and print the photo for attendees to take home. Our photo services include: Portaits, Photobooths, Photo Kiosks, Greenscreen, GIF, Morph, Light Painting, Slow Motion, and more.

Whether at school, work, or play; E.L.F is honored to continue providing the fun and memories for the most memorable times of your life!


Some of our best clients include:

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers
  • UPMC
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Talent Network
  • The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership
  • Highmark
  • The Best of the Batch Foundation


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