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Our Attractions & Games

Choose from the category(s) that best fits the event you are planning. Then, contact an ELF Fun Expert when you are ready to get more information!

Attractions & Games

These interactive games and attractions will help complete your event. Your guests will enjoy a great time testing their skills and abilities all in the name of fun!           
Expecting sports fans at your event? Nothing gets a fun competition going quite like our Sports Inflatables! They are perfect for group or individual play.       
Anticipating guests who enjoy being creative? We offer fun options that allow the imagination to be unleashed! Ask us about customizing crafts to fit your event theme.
We have a variety of top notch entertainers ready to take your event to the next level! Since quality service is always top of mind at our company, you can rest easy knowing that ELF has done the preliminary investigating for you. The entertainers we choose to partner with offer only the best service in their particular line of work.
A company that knows Everyone Loves Fun, knows that means everyone loves games! Our games are perfect for individual or group play.


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